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Tutor and Head of Year Information

If you have any concerns surrounding school, it is always best to email your childs tutor or head of year first. Below are their details and email addresses. 

Year 7 

Head of Year: 

Julie Ingham-Hill:

7CXH - Clover Heather
7EMC- Eleanor Cooper
7ERK – Edie Kingdom
7GTS- Greg Susevve
7LJS- Laura Shooter
7SJE- Steve Elcocks
7SCS - Stephanie Schmitt


Year 8 

Head of Year:

Caitlin Cornwell-

8BPJ - Bradley Jarman
8CSR - Caran Riddick
8JEC - Jodie Carter
8JET - Julia Thornton
8KJN - Kirstie Nixon
8TPM - Tom Megit
8TDW - Thomas Webster


Year 9 

Head of Year:

Caitlin Searle –

9GPB - George Bond
9JMG - Josh Godfrey
9JSW - Johnathan Williams
9LEM - Leona Marshall
9SDB - Simon Gibbs
9SAO - Simon Ovens
9SJS - Sarah Scarlett


Year 10 

Head of Year:

Dan Chalmers -

10CLB - Charlotte Bourne
10JAB - Jon Bishop
10JJB - Josh Bolton
10JRW - Johnathan Wood
10NXP - Nicky Phillips
10RJM - Rob Morse
10TEA - Terrie Allison


Year 11 

Head of Year:

Dean Twist:

11CXB - Chelsi Ballard
11GLW - George Warburton
11KEA - Katie Austin-Lee
11LXV - Leandra Vine
11NMS - Nicola Storey
1PXS - Philippa Stevens
11PJW - Polly Wiles