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Our Trust of Schools

Student leadership

Student Leadership at St James: Prefect Teams and School Parliament

Our Intent:

To promote micro behaviours that we want to see by making role models of students that display these good habits.  To promote what it means to be a good and productive citizen and member of a community, so that students leave school as good people.  To develop an understanding of applications, interviews, presentations and democracy.  Building students' cultural capital, understanding of democracy and future prospects through enhanced C.V’s and skills.

Structure: Senior Prefect team

Focus Duty

Mental Health

Help promote metal health services

Transition/ Recruitment

Prospective staff tours and student interview panels

Student Voice

Canvas student opinions and

Chair Year council meetings;

Attend Parliament sessions;

Report to SLT


Discuss issues and come up with strategies to decrease the instances of bullying and promote an open culture for reporting things.

Healthy Lifestyle

Work with Food and PE to promote healthy activities and lifestyles

Cultural Leaders

Work with the Arts subjects to promote a rich cultural experience and appreciation of the arts.


Work with Science to promote a thriving natural environment and helpful behaviours (recycling etc.)

Equality and Diversity

Help promote our diverse community which is an asset of St James and support all faiths and cultures to share their identities with us.