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Our Trust of Schools

Beyond the Curriculum

We believe that every student should enjoy a range of experiences and opportunities.

Emily harper, Headteacher 

10 things every student should do before they leave are:

  • Represent the school;
  • Visit an art gallery, museum, see a show at a theatre and an event at a world class sporting venue;
  • Be politically engaged with a visit to the houses of parliament and have met a politician;
  • Present or perform to an audience of peers such as in an assembly;
  • Engage in a wide variety of sporting and leisure activities including having completed an adventurous hike and engaged with the local surroundings;
  • Complete meaningful work experience with a local employer;
  • Volunteer for a charity – giving time, raising awareness or fundraising;
  • Work with a local bank and be aware of financial products and money issues;
  • Communicate with students in another school in a different part of the world and find shared ideas about their school life; and,
  • Read widely to broaden their knowledge of literature and the world, to include a broadsheet newspaper, a journal/piece of academic literature, a Shakespeare text and a novel.