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St James win the Exe Valley Challenge 2022

St James School, Exeter have proudly and successfully taken place in this year’s Exe Valley Challenge!

The Challenge is an annual event that takes place at Isca Academy consisting of a range of primary and secondary schools from Exeter and the surrounding areas. In total there were 55 teams. The goal is to complete a circular route around the River Exe. The route can either be 5, 7 or 10 miles and to complete it, the students can only use basic map reading, orienteering skills and their wits!

This year, from the school, 14 students from year 7 took part in the Challenge. They consisted of 3 teams. We are proud to announce that team 2 won best overall boys’ team and then best team overall out of 55 teams. They had to navigate the 10 mile course along the canal from Isca. Additionally, team 2 scored particularly well by arriving at the checkpoint at exactly the right moment meaning they got 100% on their timing. In addition to this, they scored 99.8% on their questions. This represents a fantastic achievement for not only the group, but the wider school too. For their efforts they will be awarded medals and an engraved cup.

The schools motto of ‘Work Hard, be kind’ has clearly been achieved!

The students in the team were as follows:

  • Team 1 – Miles Peters, Tom Corbridge, Casper Stannard, Alex Penn, Makwan Hassaniyan.
  • Team 2 – Oliver Gillick, Malik-Ama Darden-Croft, Elias Gomez-Cabo, Wilf Cook.
  • Team 3 – Lalita White, Alfie Johnston, Tilly Mann, Jess Woodcock, Keira King.

We would like to extend our warm thanks to all those at Isca for organising the event. It was a fantastic day!