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Your operations team consists of Duncan Goodland, Gareth Thomas and Lewis Wheeler. Gareth is the first contact for your queries, he will allocate jobs as they come in. We have very precise roles so he can do this easily. Lewis is our newest team member. He maintains the St James ICT suites daily. Suite issues are diagnosed and typically fixed at the end of the school day. If repair is going to take longer than the hour at the end of the day then the computer is labelled “out of order” to reduce disruption to lessons. Duncan manages the team and develops the systems with guidance from Stephen Farmer.


Your operations team consists of Duncan Goodland, Gareth Thomas and Lewis Wheeler.

  • PHONE on 01392 209922 then dial extension 333 or just 333 if your in St James. This is the best way to contact us in an emergency. If you don’t get through then leave a message if we are out of office or just on the other line we’ll be alerted to the message and get back to you.
  • HELPDESK software is used to organise our jobs. All your on going jobs can be accessed by clicking here.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

.Our internet provider is SWGfL, South West Grid for Learning. .
  • In schools you must use the filtering system called a Proxy. This is how you configure your browser to do this.
    1. Along the top of internet explorer, click on a cog icon or “propertites”.
    2. From the menu that appears, click “internet options”.
    3. From the tabs across the top, click “connections”.
    4. Towards the bottom of this tab, click a button labelled “LAN settings”.
    5. Half way down the page are the settings for “proxy server”.
    6. Tick the box marked “Use a proxy server …”
    7. In the “Address:” box type “”.
    8. Also in the “Port:” box type “8080”.
    9. Finally click ok to close these menus.
  • To login to the unfiltered internet access  you should click here and we recommend you add the link to your favouties.
  • Change your password to unlock internet filter with SWGfL by calling them on 08453077870 or click here to use their online system.
    • NOTE the “domain” is your school’s DFeS number, in the case of St James = 8784016.
Our SIMs supplier is ScoMIS (Devon county IT support).


  • To report an issue you can call them on 01392 385300, click here to use their ticketing system or email them by clicking here.
  • To report an issue with Encryption to our supplier, also ScoMIS, you can call them on 01392 385300.
  • For the Devon County website for administration click here.
  • ScoMIS on site technical support £330 for 1 day or £185 for half a day. Prices accurate as of May 2015.