Summer school

The summer school runs for a week towards the end of the summer holidays and is for year 7 pupils starting in September. The aim is for students to feel at home in their school environment and to make the transition from primary to secondary school as seamless as possible.

During the course of the week the students are introduced to a variety of activities such as:

  • Getting to know you games so they start school having got to know some students in their year group;
  • Drama games – acting out a variety of scenarios that they may encounter in the first few weeks at secondary school and with the help of the staff, know how to cope and deal effectively in difficult situations;
  • Hopes and fears. The students explain their fears about starting school which the staff work through so that by the end of the week, the fears have mostly disappeared;
  • Believe and achieve. The students are taught what to expect on a day to day basis at school and introduced to activities they will able to take part in higher up the school regardless of background such as Ten Tors, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and representing the school in a variety of ways;
  • Physical activities. There is always time for team games and sport in the sport hall;
  • Confidence building. At the end of the week, the students present their work to parents and carers and receive a certificate of achievement;
  • Healthy eating. Students are provided with breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day. We aim to get the students to try new food and to eat healthily throughout the week;
  • Fully equipped. The students are provided with a pencil case with all the equipment they need to start school; and,
  • Ready to start. The week normally takes place during GCSE results week so the pupils can see what will be in store for them in the coming years. The aim is that the pupils leave summer school ready and able to take part fully in school life.