Independent study

Students at St James will be expected to complete study tasks out of lesson time. This may be completed at our designated study club, or at home.


 At St James independent study will be:

  • Meaningful. Independent study should give students the opportunity to consolidate or further their learning. Students should see the value in the task set;
  • Set regularly. This depends on subject demands and subject teaching hours. However, on average this will be approximately once every two weeks for core subjects and once every four weeks for non- core subjects. However, it is accepted that independent study tasks will be set more or less frequently at varying times of the year;
  • Accessible. Independent study should be suitably differentiated for learners, and support offered where students are struggling; and,
  • Acknowledged. Merits will be awarded for successful and timely completion of independent study tasks. Verbal or written feedback will be provided for the students.

  The setting of independent study tasks:

  • Tasks should be set on a regular basis for all pupils, regardless of ability and should be presented to pupils as an opportunity for them to enhance their learning;
  • The type of activity set for will vary from subject to subject but there should be a clear link with the learning that takes place in school. It must either allow students to consolidate what they have been taught in class, or prepare students for a new unit of work;
  • Tasks should be differentiated and suitable for the needs of individuals;
  • All tasks must be set on; and,
  • Every student and parent has personalised access to classcharts.

 ——Please click here to download our ‘parent guide’ for using class charts—–

Should you experience any issues accessing class charts, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Stephen Brown on


Students are expected to:

  • Seek clarification from their teacher before the deadline if they do not understand an aspect of the independent study task set;
  • Regularly check classcharts and ensure they are suitably organised;
  • Find out what work they have missed if they have been absent so they can catch up. Being away on the day the task is set is not an excuse not to do it. If resources/worksheets need to be obtained from the teacher, it is the responsibility of the student to collect these before the deadline;
  • Resolve any problems with independent study tasks before the deadline;
  • Take pride in completing independent study tasks to the best of their ability, recognising the vital part it plays in their learning; and,
  • Attend study club after school if they are unable to complete tasks at home.

Parents/carers are expected to:

  • Provide a reasonable place where their child can complete their independent study or encourage their child to make use of the school study clubs;
  • Support their child to meet their deadlines by checking classcharts; and,
  • Liaise with their child’s Head of Year if they have a concern regarding homework at the school.