School performance and exhibitions

The St James music department runs a show or concert every term. For example, this year we had a Christmas concert, spring concert and the musical “We Will Rock You” by Ben Elton in the summer term. This is subject to change each year depending on what the performing arts subjects decide to do together; working with students and their ambitions for the school shows. The music department runs trips to large venues in London such as the Royal Albert Hall and, more locally, events run by the local music hub such as the ‘Mix On The Move’ Festival which holds performances and workshops for students to get involved in. The music department also provides opportunities for students to perform at the awards evenings in school for each year group, the sports awards evening and other in-house activities such as St James Unplugged and the instrumental evenings run by the St James peripatetic team. In future there are plans to have wider opportunities performing to the public, for example, busking at Christmas.

Drama and Performing Arts offer many opportunities for students to not only take part in live performances but also be inspired through seeing professional companies and practitioners. Drama at KS3 ensures all students are given the chance to study a wide range of styles within the arts as well as working on the transferable skills such as communication, team work, confidence and leadership. At KS4 students will study level 2 BTEC in Performing Arts (acting) and will be introduced to many new styles of theatre, they will be encouraged to take part in the termly showcases and have the opportunity to devise with Exeter University graduates as well as working practitioners. Every year Drama and Music collaborate for a large- scale annual show and all students ranging from year 7 to 11 are encouraged to take part whether that’s with the performance side of things or the technical elements. Performing Arts at St James is all about inclusion and everybody getting involved in a fun, collaborative way.