Uniform & PE kit

The purpose of a St James school uniform

Through our St James uniform and dress code we aim to:

  •  Encourage pride in the school
  • Support teaching and learning
  • Enable pupils to be comfortable, safe and secure
  • Encourage a sense of equality and belonging to the school community
  • Protect pupils from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • Support parents to provide an efficient and value for money dress code for their children
  • Ensure that pupils from different social, religious and ethnic groups feel welcome.

Where can I buy the St James uniform?

 The blazer, tie and PE kit are available from:

The price of a St James blazer with school logo (30” to 42” chest) is from £22.99. A St James clip-on tie is £4.99.

Other plain items such as trousers, white shirts and PE shorts that comply with our uniform policy can be purchased locally from sports shops and retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.


The St James uniform list

  • Black school blazer with St James’ school logo St James school tie
  • Plain black full length trousers which do not trail on the floor (not leggings, skinny jeans or any type of skinny trouser, stretch, baggy, flared or bell-bottoms, jeans, chinos, canvas or corduroy)
  • If belts are worn they should be narrow and plain black with a small normal buckle. Logos on belts are unacceptable
  • Plain white long-sleeved shirt with collar and buttons up to the neck (not a polo shirt), tucked into trousers. Any t-shirts worn under the shirt must be white and not showing
  • Plain black or white socks
  • Students may wear a plain black skirt instead of trousers if preferred (no patterns or additional colours). The skirt should ideally be pleated in style and must reach the knee, or within a hands width above the knee. A-line or straight skirts can be worn however they must not be tight fitting, stretchy or ‘skater’ skirts and must also reach the knee, or within a hands width above the knee. All skirts must be worn with black tights
  • Plain black or white headscarf with no jewels
  • Black footwear with no coloured marks or logos. This does not include flip-flops, Ugg-style boots or high heels. Knee/ankle boots (flat-soled) are acceptable only if they are plain black and are worn inside trousers


Students may also wear a Royal Blue v-neck jumper or cardigan that is only available from Thomas Moore, Fore Street, Exeter Tel 01392 255711.


The St James PE kit list

PE kit – essential

  • Navy/sky blue St James shorts/skort/leggings
  • Astro trainers
  • Long socks (navy/sky blue football socks)


  • Navy/sky blue St James PE polo shirt
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads

 PE kit – recommended

  • Football boots
  • Navy/skyblue St James hoodie (optional)


  • Reversible rugby top


In periods of warmer weather in the summer and early Autumn term the following changes are allowed to school uniform to ensure that students are comfortable:

Tights do not need to be worn with skirts. However this is only permissible if the skirt is of an acceptable length (see above).

Shorts or culottes may also be worn, however, they must be tailored in style and reach the knee.

Short-sleeved shirts may be worn instead of long-sleeved, but the shirt must still be tucked in.

Blazers should be worn to and from school, but can be removed during the school day (see below)


Expectations of uniform at St James

School uniform is important as it reflects both pride in the school and students’ attitude towards their learning. Students must maintain a high standard of personal appearance at all times.

Students must be in full correct uniform in order to attend lessons. Parents will be contacted for any student arriving in school out of uniform or in incomplete uniform. Students will be sent home to change or asked to borrow uniform in school.

Blazers must be worn in all lessons, in school buildings, on the school premises and on the way to and from school.  Students may remove blazers when given permission by teachers during lessons and/or when SLT determine that the weather permits them to be removed in the school building during the school day.

Please note:

  • No coats or jackets are to be worn over or under school uniform in school time
  • Sweat shirts, t-shirts and cardigans cannot be regarded as being “jackets” or “coats” and should not be worn in school at all. The same is true of pullovers in non-uniform colours
  • No outer garment which bears a slogan, logo, initials or forms words that are offensive is allowed on the school site
  • Hats, scarves and gloves are not permitted to be worn inside the school building at any time
  • Shirts must be worn fully tucked in with top button fastened
  • Ties must be worn at all times
  • Students may wear one pair of studs in their ears but they must be no bigger than 3-4mm. Only one stud is allowed in each ear and they must be worn in the earlobes. Please arrange for piercings to be done during school holidays as jewellery must be removed during PE lessons for safety reasons
  • Body piercings in other parts of the body (e.g. eyebrow, nose) are banned
  • No bracelets, bands or rings are allowed unless they form part of the student council charity work for that half term
  • Any make-up should be discreet in its application and not include the wearing of lipstick or false nails. Any student deemed to be wearing too much makeup will be asked to remove it immediately.
  • Students should not have patterns or logos shaved into their hair and hair should not be of a colour which could be described as unnatural. Hairbands or clips should be small and plain
  • If a religious symbol is required, it should be small in size, of simple design and worn so it cannot be seen and must be authorised by the Head of Year
  • All students must carry a school bag/rucksack which is large enough to hold A4 folders and textbooks