St James School

PE Kit

In order to give the students a greater sense of identity and to match the new school colours, the new PE kit will be navy and sky blue. Below is a list of the new aspects of kit and a short explanation in order to clarify what they are and whether or not they are compulsory items.

  •  The tracksuit jacket (navy/sky) and plain tracksuit bottoms (navy) will be compulsory and can be purchased from Thomas Moore. This is to stop students wearing other branded bottoms and to prevent deviations from the school colours and style.
  •  The shorts or skort (navy/sky) are compulsory for the summer term and optional in the winter and spring term (for many curriculum areas such as athletics it is difficult to perform well in tracksuit bottoms due to restricted movement).
  • The St James PE polo shirt is compulsory. However, due to current stock of the black polo shirt the new navy and sky polo will not be introduced until Christmas and will not be made the compulsory colour until September 2013.
  •  The athletics vest (navy/sky) is optional and can only be worn in the summer term.
  •  A hoody (navy/sky) will not be part of the core PE kit and will only be available to those students taking part in the school sports’ teams and will be offered to those students whom commit to extra-curricular sports’ teams.

The new year 7 intake will be expected to have all of the compulsory items mentioned above. The year 8-11s will be allowed a phased introduction throughout the year. This will result in the new PE kit being worn by all students by September 2013.
This is a very exciting update as the current PE kit style has not been changed for over a decade and we appreciate your support in introducing the new items. Thomas Moore have all the details mentioned above and should be able to help with any inquiries, however, if you have any further questions please contact the school.

Incident Reporting, Clothing and Footwear & Personal Effects (Jewellery etc)

4.6 Incident Reporting

Any injuries to staff arising out of PE or school sports activities and those  to pupils resulting in significant injury / first aid attention should be  reported on the County Council’s Incident Report form (IDOR).

It should be noted that accidents and incidents that happen in relation to  curriculum sports activities and result in pupils being killed or taken to  hospital for treatment are also reportable to the Health and Safety  Executive (HSE).

In these circumstances the teacher should complete both an F2508 and  an HCC IDOR form.

See HSE Education information sheet no 1 (rev1) for details of  information on reporting to HSE in schools.

4.7 Clothing and Footwear

This must be appropriate to the activity.

For dance and gymnastics content requirement from exam boards stipulates bare feet. for all other activities appropriate footwear for the activity is advised IE. Trainers with support not Plimsoll or Pumps. For Football and Rugby on turfed areas studs are recommended as advisory for wet slippery conditions.

Wherever possible clothing allowing freedom of movement should be  worn, appropriate to the activity.

Paras 9.2 of BAALPE guidance refer.

4.8 Personal Effects (Jewellery etc)

Jewellery, i.e. watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. (including  jewellery worn through the ears, nose, eyebrows, lips and other exposed  areas of the body) should not be worn whilst participating in PE lessons.

In addition belts with metal buckles should not be worn and long hair  should be secured as appropriate to the activity. Pupils should be  consistently reminded of these requirements and a check carried out to  ensure compliance before activity begins.