St James’ GCSE results sustain their high performance levels

St James has achieved another year of strong GCSE results, despite this year seeing the introduction of the new style GCSEs in English and Maths which are 100% exam and seen as more challenging and rigorous. Headlines figures show that 66% of students have achieved 5 A* – C GCSEs including English & Maths at 4+ (comparable to the old 5 A*-C GCSEs incl. English & Maths measure), and 68% of students are leaving with a 9-4 in English & Maths (the government’s Basics benchmark measurement).  78% of students have achieved a 4 or above in English, and 67% a 5 or above, whilst in Maths 74% have achieved a 4 or above, and 50% a 5 or above.  The school’s aspirant and academic curriculum means that 40% of students have achieved the Ebacc qualification (meaning they have secured A*-C/9-4 in an English, Maths, Science, Language and Humanity GCSE) and over 20% of all grades awarded were A/A*.

Amy Grashoff, Headteacher, is incredibly proud of her students’ achievements. “Students, staff and parents at St James have very high expectations of our students and work incredibly hard as a team to ensure that all students have the best possible experience at school and achieve excellent outcomes – academic, sporting and artistic. I am really pleased and immensely proud of our year 11 and all that they have achieved as it reflects their unwavering effort and determination. The new style exams in English & Maths are incredibly hard and involve seven exams between them. The fact that our students have performed so well makes me very, very proud of them. With no coursework component, these new style GCSEs are far more rigorous and demanding and it is great to see how our students have risen to the challenge. I am really confident that the commitment and resilience they have shown with regards to their learning means that they will go on to even greater successes in the next stage of their education. We have students going to Exeter Maths School, Exeter College (a number as part of the Reach Academy) and to a number of highly sought after apprenticeships. We wish them all the luck in the world.

“Our A* & A grades continue to be high for the fourth year running with over 20% of all grades awarded being A/A*/9-7. Over 41% of students have achieved 5 or more A*-B grades which is fantastic. There were a number of individual successes including Adam Brackenbury 12 A*/A, Sam Cheung 10 A*/A, Isabel Bennett 8 A*/A, Verity Idehen 8 A*/A, Finn Lowther 8 A*/A, Max Montgomery 8 A*/A, Joseph Welch 8 A*/A, Rebecca Worth 8 A*/A, Louis McGill 6 A*/A, Melissa Graham 6 A*/A, Lena Hussain 6 A*/A, Jasmine Begley 6 A*/A, Kamil Kulczyk 5 A*/A, Jack Vickers 5 A*/A and George Small 5 A*/A.

Success can also be seen across all subjects with a high number of A & A* grades being seen in, for example, Computing 26%, Additional Maths 80%, Product Design 29%, History 19%, Chemistry 39%, Psychology 25%, Physics 51%, Maths 24% and English Language & Literature 18%.

Analysis of the A*-C results across subjects also shows a high level of achievement in, for example, Computing 96%, Biology 98%, Physics 100%, Chemistry 98%, English Language & Literature 78%, Maths 74%, iArt 82%, Psychology 82%, Art 70%, IT Users 100%, product Design 72%, Health & Social Care 100% and Modern Foreign Languages 76%. This cross-curriculum success is a priority at St James as it is paramount to ensuring that all students are able to pursue their first choice of courses in post-16 education. It also facilitates numerous cases of individual successes as students are given a chance to make exceptional progress in those subjects that they really excel at, as evidenced by 46% of students achieving at least one A/A* grade.”

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