Headteacher’s welcome


St James is a thriving, diverse and proud community. As an inclusive and committed team we are positively and diligently raising standards. Our aim is to ensure all our students leave with excellent outcomes, exciting future destinations and a range of skills and experiences to enable them to be happy and successful people.

We promise to develop students who:

  • Inspire each other to achieve and experience great things
  • Are confident enough to be individually resilient and collectively interdependent
  • Have a sense of self-worth and are respectful to the world around them
  • Are open minded, receptive and kind to people, ideas and change
  • Enjoy life and want to explore it by experiencing new things

 We are a school with very high expectations of, and for, our students; only their best is good enough. We provide students with opportunities to shine through excellent teaching and innovative practice, a vibrant extra-curricular provision and a curriculum that challenges and inspires from the start of year 7 and is increasingly personalised as students move up through the school.

We are one of the highest performing schools in the area because we believe that students achieve excellent outcomes as a result of five years at a school where they are happy and engaged at all times; where they are challenged from day one and are consistently supported to be the best they can be.

 St James has achieved their best ever year of GCSE results, despite this year seeing the introduction of the new style GCSEs in the majority of subjects which are 100% exam and seen as more challenging and rigorous.

Headlines figures show that 55% of students are leaving with a grade 9-5 in English & Maths (the government’s ‘Basics’ benchmark measurement for a ‘strong’ pass) and 73% with a grade 9-4 in English & Maths (a ‘standard’ pass). 81% of students have achieved a 4 or above in English, and 67% a 5 or above, whilst in Maths 82% have achieved a 4 or above, and 66% a 5 or above. 55% of students have achieved at least five ‘strong’ 9-5 passes including English & Maths with 69% achieving at least five grade 9-4 ‘standard’ passes including English & Maths.

The school’s recognised success in the Ebacc (due to its aspirant and academic curriculum) has also further improved this year. 36% of all students achieved a ‘strong’ pass in the Ebacc qualification (meaning they secured grades 9-5 in an English, Maths, Science, Language and Humanities GCSE) and 54% of all students achieved at least a ‘standard’ pass of grade 9-4 in the same suite of subjects. The high percentage of students entered for the Ebacc (73%) and the strong achievement in French (32% 9-7, 64% 9-5, 84% 9-4) are two of the reasons why St James has been asked to become an
MFL Hub by the Department for Education (one of only nine hubs in the country). For more information on this exciting development, please see http://www.stjamesexeter.co.uk/latestnews/3666/

Over 12% of all grades awarded were grades 8 & 9 and 25% of all grades awarded were 9-7. These top grades were achieved across all subjects with the following grade 9-7%: Biology 80%, Chemistry 75%, Physics 75%, Computing 35%, French 32%, Music 31%, Maths 30%, Media Studies 29%, English Language & Literature 27%, iArt (photography) 25%, Geography 21%, History 20%, Food Nutrition 20% and Religious Studies 20%.


Lindsay Skinner

Lindsay Skinner