Disadvantaged students

Pupil premium funding is additional funding given to schools to support their disadvantaged students and help close the attainment gap between them and their peers.

The pupil premium provides funding for students:

  • Who have been in receipt of free school meals at any point in the last 6 years;
  • Who have been continually looked after for at least the last 6 months;
  • Who are from families where one or more parents are currently in the British armed forces; and,
  • Meet the eligibility for Early Years Pupil Premium.

You can find out more about the Government rational behind the funding by visiting: http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/pupilsupport/premium.

All schools are held accountable for what they spend on the pupil premium money on, and are expected to report on their spending and the impact it has had. The funding should support students to both achieve academically and access cultural and enrichment opportunities the school has to offer.

Summary information


St James School

Academic Year


Total PP budget


Date of most recent PP Review

June 2017

Total number of pupils


Number of pupils eligible for PP


Date for next internal review of this strategy

Jan 2018

‘The pupil premium spending at St James is designed to ensure our vision and cultural aspirations translate into a reality for all our young people; no young person should be left behind.’

Academic achievement of DS students in 2016-2017


2017 All 2016 All 2017 DS 2016 DS 2017 HPA DS 2016 HPA DS
Progress 8 +0.15 +0.27 -0.11 +0.10 -0.04 +0.17
Progress Eng +0.11 +0.24 -0.22 +0.24 -0.14 +0.08
Progress Maths +0.39 +0.58 +0.25 +0.23 +0.46 +0.28
Progress EBACC +0.32 +0.10 -0.06 -0.45 +0.47 +0.21
Progress open -0.17 +0.23 -0.34 +0.30 -0.81 +0.11
Attainment 8 47.05 53.28 38.06 (47.12) 47,12 53.08 65
% Basics 9-5 45% N/A 25% N/A 63% N/A
% Basic 9-4 68% 77% 45% 62% 88% 100%
% EBACC (standard pass) 39% 43% 16% 26% 37.5% 83.33%
% EBACC (strong pass) 35% N/A 14% N/A N/A

‘Believe in yourself, believe in each other, achieve together’

St James pupil premium funding 2017-2018

Total funding for St James in the academic year is predicted to be £252, 915.

Total no of students in receipt of PP funding Ever 6 CIC/LAC/ Former LACK Services
Year 7 58 54 2 2
Year 8 66 64 0 2
Year 9 63 57 2 4
Year 10 56 53 1 2
Year 11 35 30 4 1

*Please note figures for funding and number of students are correct of September 2017; there is likely to be some adjustment due to student movement throughout the academic year.

Key objectives for students in receipt of the pupil premium spending 2017-2018

At St James, we have six key objectives for improving the attainment and cultural experiences of our Pupil premium students in 2017-2018 as set out in our Pupil premium development plan.

  1. To develop a curriculum that develops students’ study skills and note taking ability. This includes ensuring all departments plan opportunities for extended writing for all students of all abilities.
  2. Improve outcomes for DS HPA students so it is in line or better than progress of other HPA students in the year and raise aspirations of all DS students.
  3. Embed enrichment fully into the curriculum and ensure that all DS students have an equality of opportunity to participate in all relevant activities.
  4. To ensure the classwork of DS students is effectively assessed to promote progress and that work scrutiny/ data review focuses on the progress of PP students.
  5. To ensure the leadership of the pupil premium strategy is effective and staffing is in place to support specific DS students.
  6. To improve parental engagement of DS students at school events and parent support evening such as parents’ evenings.

Our pupil premium development plan’s implementation and review is overseen by an SLT lead, and promotes a whole school approach to the support of our DS students.

In order to support our key priorities and the development plan, money have been allocated to the following areas:

Budget Money will be allocated to:

Enrichment and Cultural Opportunities



Outdoor Education opportunities, targeted guest speakers and supporting the school breakfast club



Curriculum Support



 Ingredients, revision software, revision guides, additional subject specific equipment and materials.

Academic Mentoring and 1:1



University mentoring, higher education opportunities, and targeted Maths and Literacy support (led by teachers).

Equipment support



Uniform, IT resources and Outdoor Education equipment.

Music Tuition



1;1 Tuition and group tuition.

Transition and Summer School



Year 6 to 7 Summer school, additional visits/ support for students and supporting pre transition day.

Parental Engagement



Parental Engagement activities




Coachbright mentoring programme.




Additional Funding for activities/ events/ students to ensure all have access to academic and cultural activities.




Attendance and welfare support; pastoral support; additional expertise/ smaller class sizes in Maths and English specialist tutoring; careers support ;transition support (pre year 7 and post 16); Pupil Premium lead SLT